The difference between galvanized highway guardrail and sprayed highway guardrail


Hot-dip galvanizing: It is an effective metal anti-corrosion method. It is to make the zinc layer adhere to the surface of the steel parts in the molten zinc of the steel parts after rust removal, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. ...

Guardrail manufacturer: introduction of material and classification of highway guardrail


Highway guardrail is a semi-steel type protection product, and its corrugated guardrail plate is rolled by high quality Q235 low carbon steel plate. The surface is treated by hot galvanizing, spraying plastic and other treatment methods, and anti-corrosio...

Introduction of highway guardrail


As the name suggests, the anti-collision guardrail board is the corrugated protective railings on both sides of the road, which is mainly used to prevent accidents, distinguish lanes and beautify the environment. Todays society is developing faster and fa...

Design standard of highway guardrail


Highway guardrail is an important guardrail installed on the highway, highway guardrail is to prevent the occurrence of vehicle accidents, is a good performance guardrail. General highway guardrail in the installation process to pay attention to the probl...

What should we pay attention to when installing guardrail?


The guardrail plate is composed of two corrugated beam steel guardrail plates and two guardrail columns fixed and clamped between them, and the two guardrail columns are fixed and clamped between the two corrugated steel guardrail plates. In the normal op...

Can high speed guardrail board rust?


High speed guardrail board is an important traffic equipment installed on the highway. There are many types of common high-speed guardrail board. When using it, we should pay attention to its maintenance. Only in this way can the performance and advantage...