Can high speed guardrail board rust?

High speed guardrail board is an important traffic equipment installed on the highway. There are many types of common high-speed guardrail board. When using it, we should pay attention to its maintenance. Only in this way can the performance and advantages of high-speed guardrail board be brought into full play. In the process of use and maintenance, we often see the high-speed guardrail plate rusty, so how to operate after the high-speed guardrail plate rusty?
First of all, record the specific size of the rusty high-speed guardrail board, and use the hammer to test the specific toughness on the fence. If there is a large area of paint falling or corrosion, it proves that the guardrail board here has been seriously eroded, and the brittleness of the internal metal elements can be imagined. The way is to replace the waste fence board products in time. According to the specific construction area, the new guardrail board is selected for actual installation.
Secondly, the rusty guardrail board should also be cleaned up in time and recovered by classification. Because it is a common high-speed enclosure construction material, after professional recycling and degradation treatment, it still has a larger scope of application. Among them, the main material of galvanized, electroplated and sprayed plastic anti-corrosion coating on the surface of guardrail plate is oxide coating paint. In the production process of guardrail board, a layer of anti-corrosion equipment will be evenly applied on it, which is more conducive to improving the anti-corrosion effect of guardrail board.
The above is a common high-speed guardrail plate after the operation of rust for your reference, for high-speed guardrail plate rust is also common, the premise is to protect it, so that high-speed guardrail plate can get better application!