What should we pay attention to when installing guardrail?

The guardrail plate is composed of two corrugated beam steel guardrail plates and two guardrail columns fixed and clamped between them, and the two guardrail columns are fixed and clamped between the two corrugated steel guardrail plates. In the normal operation of the highway, the guardrail can be easily inserted into the pre-set plug-in hole at the opening by using plug-in steel column to play the role of isolation and protection.
At the same time, it should be in accordance with the guardrail outside the highway, uniform and beautiful. When the vehicle collides with it, because the corrugated steel guardrail plate has good crashworthiness, energy absorption and anti-collision effect, it is not easy to be damaged, but also plays a good role in maintaining the vehicle and the driver. When the road maintenance or other reasons need to be connected, it is convenient to pull out and remove each group of guardrail column at the opening, so as to open up a channel for vehicles to pass.
Complete sets of accessories for highway guardrail plate include: corrugated plate, (flange) column, column cap, connector (anti blocking block, bracket), bolt, end, transition plate, cross beam gasket, contour mark, etc.
Construction precautions:
The most common type of guardrail is gr-a-4e. The amount of gr-a-4e guardrail components per 1000m is: 250 corrugated plates, 250 columns, 250 column caps, 250 anti blocking blocks (or brackets), 250 bolts M16 * 170, 250 sets, M16 * 42, 250 sets. M16 * 35, 2000 sets. One ton of double wave guardrail board can be paved: 80m of 3mm thickness, 61m of 4mm thickness.
1) The construction preparation should be sufficient, and the pile number position of the construction section should be accurate. The setting out should be accurate and the error should be within the regular range.
2) The column construction should be strict and serious, and its verticality, spacing, bolt hole position and other dimensions should meet the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be reworked immediately. At the same time, the rework should be stopped strictly according to the standard jtj074-94.
3) The packaging and marking of corrugated beam, slab, column and other components shall comply with the rules of gb6725. When purchasing, the guardrail shall not be in bulk, and the product shall not be deformed or damaged (injured) during hoisting, transportation and stacking. During transportation, it should be fixed firmly to avoid damaging coating or deforming components due to smooth collision.
4) During the construction of guardrail, the operation should be careful, and the cables, pipes and other equipment buried under the road should not be damaged.