Maintenance knowledge of highway guardrail

      With the development of science and technology of the times, traffic safety has become more and more the focus of our attention, especially on expressways. Because the speed of vehicles is too fast, in order to ensure the safety of our driving, the country has installed guardrails on both sides of the expressway. To protect our safety, we must also carry out regular maintenance of these guardrails, because it plays an important role in the progress of our society and economic development. But what should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of highway guardrails? Then follow the editor to take a course on high-speed guardrail maintenance!
    1. Since the highway guardrail is installed on both sides of the expressway, it will inevitably be scratched and collided by the vehicles on the road. This will lose its due anti-collision effect, so we need to maintain it regularly. Because sometimes we can't use visual inspection to check for damage, so we need to use professional inspection tools for inspection.
    2. Secondly, the reflection problem of the highway guardrail is also a particularly important point in the inspection. The guardrail that loses its reflective effect cannot give the driver the correct direction guidance at night, so the reflection inspection is also the focus of our inspection.
    3. In addition, the inspection of the guardrail rain cap is very important. Some expressways are closer to the village, which will cause criminals to steal the guardrail rain cap. As a result, there is a lot of rain in the guardrail post, which will seriously affect the protection effect of the column for a long time.
    4. During the inspection process, if the high-speed guardrail is damaged or corroded, it must be replaced. It should be noted that the embedding depth of the column should not be less than the previous embedding depth during the replacement process. , And the splicing between the guardrail boards should be as seamless as possible, so as to ensure the anti-collision level of the guardrail boards and play the anti-collision effect.