Problems that need attention in the production process of guardrail

   Issues that need to be paid attention to in the production process of guardrail board:
  1. Galvanized anti-corrosion treatment of guardrail board: The seeming effect of the guardrail board must be good. The extruded guardrail board needs to be galvanized in a high-temperature galvanizing furnace. The temperature of the galvanizing furnace should not be too high or too low. This needs to be strict The control, otherwise it will directly affect the seeming effect.
  2. The spray treatment of the guardrail board: The spray treatment is also very strict. The sprayed guardrail board produced by some manufacturers is uneven, and the spraying effect is not good. This is because the spraying equipment of the guardrail board is not good. The spraying equipment is all assembly line operation, and the good spraying equipment is very uniform.
  3. When we are in production and processing, we need to stake out first and make a template. The template needs to be produced in strict accordance with customer needs
  4. Extrusion and deformation process of the guardrail board: The guardrail board is divided into two-wave guardrail board, three-wave guardrail board and two-wave three-wave transition board, which are processed by different production equipment.
The highway guardrail is an indispensable basic facility on the highway, and it plays a very important role in the performance of the highway and the prevention and reduction of traffic accidents. Since the large-scale construction of highways in our country, people's awareness of safety facilities has also been greatly improved. Safety anti-collision facilities such as expressways, primary and secondary roads, provincial roads, county roads and rural road scenic spots, large parking lots, hot-dip galvanized wave guardrails, etc. The bending of the corrugated guardrail increases the aesthetics and the strength of the fence. It has both; the automatic production line of the highway guardrail is formed by extrusion, the surface is clean and free of damage, and the corrosion resistance is extremely strong; the surface treatment method is mature; anticorrosion and anticorrosion It has the characteristics of aging, sun resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and the service life in outdoor environment can reach 10-25 years; the product structure is simple, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install, good anti-theft performance, and less restricted by the actual terrain. It is suitable for mountains and slopes. , The multi-bend zone has strong adaptability and moderate cost, suitable for large-scale use.