The correct installation method of high-speed guardrail

   The correct installation method of highway guardrail :
  1. Determine the position of the guardrail slab post. The arrangement and positioning of the guardrail will directly affect the external structure of the guardrail.
  2. The practice of guardrail post. It is necessary to use a pragmatic method to accurately complete the job.
  3. Determine the longitudinal direction of the guardrail column. It is best to keep it perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Control the height of the guardrail board. Height is also a very important part of this project.
  Precautions during installation:
 1. The uprights of the guardrail board must not show signs of distortion, nor can they be welded at the two ends of the interface or the guardrail board to lengthen by themselves, especially the debris at both ends must be cleaned up neatly. In the preliminary design, the highway control point should be taken as the starting point, the spacing of the columns can be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the distance, and the installation details of the columns should be the same as the original design drawings. In order to coordinate with the highway route, the piles must be very firmly buried in the ground, and the buried depth must refer to the original design depth and be perpendicular to the horizon.
 2. There are many ways to install the guardrail. No matter which method is adopted, the construction team should try to avoid damage to the underground pipeline facilities of the highway. If there is damage, the construction team will bear the maintenance cost. So be careful.
 3. After the installation project is completed, a very smooth streamline should be formed in the horizontal and vertical directions. Very beautiful, this scene has a good guiding effect on the driver's line of sight.
 4. The guardrail should be set within the highway and not far away from the highway.
 5. Each screw hole and beam plate on the corrugated guardrail must be accurately positioned, and whether its position is accurate is related to the overall effect.