What are the advantages of highway guardrail ?

       In this age when the asphalt road crosses the city, the most important guardrail on the asphalt road, then, what is the guardrail? How many advantages does the guardrail board have? Here are the common advantages of the three transportation facilities.
       In terms of protection effect: the anti-collision levels of the cable guardrail and the guardrail board have their own protection levels: A, B, S, but the protection effect of the cable guardrail is significantly better than the guardrail board. The cable guardrail cable consists of several It is composed of steel wire rope, and its anti-collision and self-recovery ability is very strong. The guardrail is composed of corrugated steel plates, which can absorb the impact force of the car very well, but the self-recovery ability is poor, and the guardrail needs to be replaced after the impact.
       Anti-corrosion: There are many anti-corrosion methods for cable guardrails and guardrails, but they are basically hot-dip galvanized. The anti-corrosion effect of hot-dip galvanized products is very excellent and can be used normally under outdoor conditions. Decades. Therefore, the anti-corrosion effects of the two road protection products are very good.
  Both guardrail boards and cable guardrails are protective products for expressways, and their functions are basically similar in terms of function and protection, but they have their own shortcomings and advantages. There is no single protective equipment on the highway, and a combination of the two is needed to better protect the smooth flow and safety of the highway.