Introduction to the specifications of commonly used guardrail posts in Africa

In different regions of the world, there are differences in the specifications of the guardrail beam, which are mainly different from the thickness of the guardrail beam, the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized zinc layer, and the requirements for the guardrail board column.

This article analyzes what types of specifications are commonly used for guardrail post in Africa.

Among the cooperative customers, the guardrail posts are commonly used in each country in Africa to equip the C-pillar with Trapezoidal Spacer.

Common post specifications:

C guardrail post model: 100*50*25*5*L
C guardrail post model: 120*68*20*5*L
C guardrail post model: 149*110*19*4.3*L

Trapezoidal Spacer specifications:

Model: 200*100*200*2.5mm

The material of hot-dip galvanized guardrail beam is S235JR, and the zinc layer is ≥550g