Several elements of guardrail beam purchaser to obtain quotation

With the continuous market globalization of the company, we have provided perfect road security solutions for more overseas customers.

To obtain the price of raw materials for each item, the purchaser needs to understand the following points first, so as to obtain a more accurate quotation from the supplier.

1. Provide detailed drawings or purchase list.
2. The total number of kilometers of the project and whether there are special sections (such as bridges).
3. How many intersections are there in the total road section.
4. Requirements for product materials.
5. Requirements for the hot-dip galvanized layer of the product
6. The thickness requirements of the Guardrail Beam.
7. CIF or FOB or ex-factory price.
8. Do you need a quotation for other parts of the guardrail beam(such as Reflector, Highway Guardrail Pile Driver).
9. In the case of unclear requirements, we can give suggestions.

Forst products include Highway Guardrail, Hot-dip Galvanized Guardrail, Guardrail Beam, Road Guardrail, Guardrail Posts, Terminal End, Reflector, etc.

Forst 14 years experience for making the Guardrail Beam. With the experience and skills of engineers, will solve road safety problems with lower cost and high quality.

We can also design and manufacture guardrail beam according to your needs. Will provide you with more help in the road guardrail project.