What factors will be affected by hot-dip galvanized guardrail

Due to its high corrosion resistance, hot-dip galvanized guardrails are the most widely used in road traffic and are also the primary consideration for external applications of buildings. Considering environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, choose different environments and whether the guardrail is susceptible to influence.
1. Rural development areas are inland points far away from the industrial atmosphere or unpolluted environments, urban construction sites for air, commercial or light industrial areas, usually from social road traffic. A typical feature of industrial sites is air pollution, such as sulfur dioxide or gas emitted from chemical plants, which can form potentially dangerous acid condensate.
The development of highways in coastal areas may affect areas with wind-borne waves or fog, which contain chlorides, which can be concentrated in the condensate or the surface of the water to evaporate. It is often impossible to precisely define the climate and the environment, but it is also important to consider the environmental changes that may occur during the life of the building, such as whether the environment will become more polluted or cleaner. In addition, the microclimate can be affected by the general classification of the company. Before the final brand is selected for analysis, it may be worthwhile to investigate any proposed site issues. The microclimate can exist in coastal areas or near the chimneys of chemical factories, which can form an unexpected acid. Condensate.
2. The smoother the surface, the better the corrosion resistance and the stronger the corrosion to the environment. In all environments, the hot-dip galvanizing option is more durable, and alumina brush finish is not available. Choosing a surface treatment method usually requires a lot of research work, which may involve the designated party selecting a suitable sample for external construction engineering applications, but it is only one of many options. The maximum surface roughness can be fully considered. Use mirror polishing. Especially for roofs, highly reflective coatings are undesirable and may cause danger to air traffic or flight routes near airports, and alternative coatings have been developed.
3. It must be able to avoid cracks, especially in places with local corrosion, such as urban construction sites. The manufacturing method should be considered to avoid cracks. Mechanical enterprise fasteners may introduce some cracks in the fasteners and lap guardrail joints. Enterprises should avoid using aluminum fasteners for fixing, because the galvanic corrosion of aluminum may be an important issue in harsh social environments, and contact with lead or copper will not cause galvanic corrosion, but if there is no rainwater flowing through, There may be serious pollution to the components. Sealants can be considered to avoid these social problems. If the seal is strong enough, these problems can usually be eliminated.