The importance of guardrail spacer

    1. The column installation should conform to the design drawing and coordinate with the road alignment.
    2. The column should be firmly buried in the soil to reach the design depth and be perpendicular to the road surface.
    3. In general road sections, the vertical column can be constructed by the driving method, and the construction should be accurately positioned. When the driving is too deep, part of the vertical column must not be pulled out to correct it, and all of it must be pulled out. After the foundation is compacted, it will be rebuilt enter.
    4. When the driving method cannot be used, the drilling construction technology can be used. If the height of the bridge and culvert structure cannot meet the driving depth of the column, the concrete foundation fixing method should be adopted.
    5. After the column is installed in place, its horizontal and vertical directions should form a smooth line.
    6. The gradient section of the guardrail and the uprights at the end should be installed according to the coordinates specified in the design.
    7. Because the pavement is constructed in two phases, the fence shall be installed in accordance with the reserved holes for the columns indicated in the design drawings, and the height of the wave guardrail shall be installed and raised according to the construction sequence of the first and second phases of the pavement.
    Wave guardrail installation:
    1. The corrugated guardrail boards are spliced ??to each other by splicing bolts, and are fixed to the column or beam by connecting bolts.
    2. The connecting bolts and splicing bolts of the corrugated guardrail should not be tightened prematurely, so that the long round holes of the corrugated beam can be used for timely adjustment during the installation process to form a smooth line shape and avoid local unevenness.
    3. The top surface of the corrugated guardrail should be coordinated with the vertical curve of the road. When the line shape of the wave guardrail is considered satisfactory, the bolts can be tightened finally.