How to improve the anti-corrosion effect of highway guardrail

1. Record the detailed design standard information of the rusty high-speed development highway guardrail, and use the hammer to test the detailed resistance on the fence. If a large area of ??paint peeling or corrosion of social phenomena occurs, then we prove The corrugated guardrail here has been severely polluted and corroded.
The best way is to replace the old fence guardrail products in time. According to the detailed highway engineering construction unit area, new guardrail boards are selected for social practice installations.
2. The rusty guardrail should also be cleaned up in time, and sorted and recovered.
Common high-speed enclosure construction technical materials, after learning the professional recovery and degradation treatment, still have a larger applicable research scope. In the meantime, the galvanized, electroplated and plastic sprayed anti-corrosion coating on the surface of China's highway guardrail, the primary choice of material is oxide paint. In the process of producing highway guardrails, a layer of anti-corrosion technology and equipment will be evenly coated on it. Increasing development will help enterprises improve the anti-corrosion protection of highway guardrails in our country.
3. In order to solve the daily anti-corrosion of highway guardrail panels, regular maintenance and protection are one of the indispensable links. Choose fixed-section timing protection, and carry out professional separation of long-distance highway guardrail products to protect construction personnel on the road.
In the process of high-speed development of highways with regular inspection technology, we should pay more attention to whether the guardrails on both sides are damaged, welded or severely corroded. This kind of environmental problem should be reported to the Highway Management Research Center in time for dispatch. Professional knowledge protection enterprise personnel need to carry out construction site cleaning, replacement or maintenance work in other countries.