Guardrail beam| Several states of road guardrail damage

Common Guardrail Beam on highways are often damaged due to different reasons. For the guardrail beam, what is the state of its damaged foundation?
1. Damage status of guardrail beam:
The damage of the guardrail beam is generally caused by the scratching of the passing vehicles or the collision of the vehicle in a traffic accident, resulting in deformation or even breakage. This is the most basic state of the guardrail damage.

2.Guardrail Block damaged state:
The guardrail block is an important part of the guardrail beam connecting the post. It has the function of absorbing energy and buffering the impact force in the event of an accident, so this is also a very vulnerable part of the guardrail. The most common damage is that it is crushed by a huge impact force or even distorted and loses its protective ability.

3. The state of guardrail post damage:
The post is a main force-bearing component of the guardrail beam, and the impact force of the vehicle on the guardrail beam is transmitted to the post through the block. After the post is subjected to a strong collision impact force, it is in a state of damage such as tilting, bending, falling to the ground, and breaking.

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