The reasons and remedies for the damage to the guardrail beam

The surface of the guardrail beam is smooth and beautiful, and the structure is uniform and tidy, which increases the overall aesthetics of the highway while protecting safety. However, in some places where air pollution is serious and the rain becomes "acid rain", the surface of the Guardrail Beam is severely corroded, and the long-term life expectancy will be greatly shortened. In some areas with high traffic accidents, the damage and missing parts of the guardrail beam caused by the collision cannot be replaced in time, so that the safety protection that should have been exerted does not play any role. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the reason for the damage to the guardrail beam and the correct remedy.

The service life can be as long as 20 to 30 years without external damage, so the main reason for the damage to the guardrail beam is human factors.

Human factors mainly refer to the damage caused by the impact of the accident vehicle on the guardrail structure. According to the degree of damage, there are two ways to deal with it:
1. The damage is not too serious. The guardrail beam caused by the accident is less deformed, and the post is not bent too much due to impact, and it can be repaired on-site. Remove the damaged part and restore the original shape mechanically. The column should be slit, heated, and straightened at the bent part, and then an additional steel plate is pasted and welded on the surface. After cooling, perform surface anti-rust treatment.
2. The structure is severely deformed. In this case, the damaged parts should be replaced, and must not be repaired and reused. Because even after this kind of deformation is repaired, the anti-collision performance of the guardrail is greatly reduced, and the consequences of any accident should be disastrous.

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