How to improve the anti-corrosion effect of highway guardrail

Corrugated guardrail rust corrosion phenomenon, how should be operated to solve it, presumably this is everyone as a topic of concern. Taking into account the highway traffic flow is more dense, most of the general choice at noon or some road closure management opportunity, section by section road construction maintenance, specifically related to the maintenance and protection of both sides of the highway corrugated guardrail, rust corrosion phenomenon timely replacement, the size of the corrugated guardrail and so on. After the occurrence of large area of rust, the following specific treatment according to the rust area, the specific steps are:
First of all, the specific size of the rusty highway waveform guardrail was recorded, and the specific toughness was tested on the fence by hammering hammer. If a large area of paint or corrosion occurred, it proved that the highway guardrail here had been seriously eroded, and the fragileness of the internal metal elements could be imagined. A good way is to replace the waste fence products in time. According to the concrete construction area of the highway, the new guardrail is selected for actual installation.
Secondly, the rusty corrugated guardrail should also be cleaned up in time, and classification recovery. Because it is a common high speed enclosure construction material, after professional recovery and degradation treatment, it still has a wider range of application. Among them, the surface of the highway corrugated guardrail galvanized, electroplated spray anticorrosive layer, the main material is oxide layer paint. In the process of producing highway corrugated guardrail, a layer of anti-corrosion equipment will be evenly daubed on it, which is more conducive to improving the anti-corrosion effect of highway guardrail.
Then, want to solve the waveform for guardrail daily anti-corrosion, regular maintenance is one of the indispensable link, the period of regular maintenance, road waveform guardrail products in long distance, the separation of professional, road maintenance and construction personnel, in the process of periodic testing of highway, more attention should be paid to both sides of the fence to see if there is any breakage, welding or severe corrosion phenomenon, This kind of problem, should inform the highway management center in time, let it send professional maintenance personnel to carry out on-site cleaning, replacement or other aspects of maintenance work.
In general, the highway waveform guardrail is the guarantee to ensure the smooth opening of the highway, to solve the problem of high-speed construction, but also need to start from the basic highway guardrail.