The development trend of road traffic guardrail

   What is the development trend of road traffic guardrail? Now, the road design function is more complete, three-dimensional or multi-layered, and different modes of transportation will be on different road planes; another point is that the degree of traffic civilization is getting higher and higher, uncivilized, and traffic behaviors will rarely occur. Therefore, the traffic barrier will develop in the direction of "light, smart, beautiful", "safe, environmentally friendly, economical, and durable". The development of road traffic barriers may become less and less.
   "Light": New lightweight materials should be used for the traffic guardrail material, the upper structure is light and the lower structure is dignified;
   "Qiao": The design of the traffic guardrail should be scientific, the appearance structure is simple and clear, and it is convenient to maintain;
   "Beauty": The appearance of the traffic guardrail should be beautiful and generous, complementing the existing traffic signs; playing the role of becoming an urban landscape;
    "Safety": The traffic guardrail should have a warning function to remind the driver to pay attention to the surrounding environment, and at the same time to remind pedestrians to prevent pedestrians from crossing over, and play a positive role in preventing problems before they occur;
    "Environmental protection": The traffic guardrail should be pollution-free during production, installation, use and maintenance to achieve the purpose of protecting the environment;
    "Economy": Traffic barriers should follow the design principles of "light, smart and beautiful", scientifically select appropriate manufacturing materials to achieve multi-functional effects, reduce overall costs, and save investment; "durable": traffic barriers should be accepted in long-term use Different environmental pollution can reduce maintenance costs at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of long-term use.