Points for Attention in the Construction of Highway Guardrail

    Basic requirements: The corrugated beam steel guardrail product should meet the requirements of relevant documents and standards such as "Highway Wave Beam Steel Guardrail" and "Highway Three Beam Steel Guardrail". The installation of guardrail posts, corrugated steel, anti-blocking blocks and brackets should meet the requirements of design and construction. In order to ensure the overall strength of the guardrail, the degree of compaction of the soil foundation of the road shoulder and the central separation zone should not be less than the design value. Sections that fail to meet the requirements of compaction shall not be driven into the guardrail post.
During the construction of the guardrail, the information of various facilities should be accurately grasped, especially the accurate position of various pipelines buried in the roadbed. Any damage to the underground facilities is not allowed during the construction process. In case of insufficient depth of underground communication pipelines, drain pipes or culvert top soil, the position of the upright post should be adjusted or the fixing method of the upright post should be changed.
    When the column is driven too deep, the column must not be pulled out for correction, and all the rest must be pulled out, and the foundation must be re-compacted before driving in, or adjust the position of the column. The bridge guardrail should be equipped with flanges, pay attention to the positioning of the flanges and the control of the mark off from the top of the column.