Common guardrail beam installation methods

Because the road conditions are different, the installation methods of guardrail beams are divided into three methods: drilling, pre-embedding, and piling. There are different installation methods according to different road surfaces.
The common installation method is to drive the post into the ground to a uniform depth with a pile driver under the installation requirements in accordance with the drawings. Keep the distance between the post and post the same, and keep the heights of the above-ground post the same.
After the guardrail post is fixed, we need to install brackets or anti-blocking blocks. When fixing the bracket, do not tighten the initial bracket bolts too much, because when fixing the guardrail, we need to make appropriate adjustments to the guardrail according to the actual situation. If the bracket bolts are tightened too much, the range of movement of the guardrail will be less.
Each group of guardrail beams needs to be spliced ??with splicing bolts, and the splicing direction between the beams needs to be consistent, otherwise even if it is slightly hit, it will be seriously damaged. The splicing direction between the beam and the beam is opposite to the driving direction of the vehicle, which is not only easier to install, but also has a higher safety factor.
During the installation process, the guardrail beams can be divided into groups of three, five and seven, and there is one free-moving person. Auxiliary coordination is available when each group needs the help of others.