Introduction of commonly used materials for guardrail beam

The emergence of Guardrail Beam has brought a guarantee to the global road safety protection, using its own semi-flexible characteristics to absorb the impact of vehicle accidents and protect the lives of drivers and passengers. The capacity of the semi-flexible guardrail beam to absorb the impact of external force is mainly determined by the yield capacity of the product material.

Common global guardrail beam standards mainly include AASHTO M180 standard, EN1317 standard, GB/T31439.1-2015 standard, SANS 1350:2005 standard, etc.

Under the same standard, each country and region expresses different metal materials. In China, the material is Q235, and in Japan, the material is SS400. Even if each country expresses materials differently, they are equivalent to the commonly used international material standards because their mechanical properties and chemical materials are the same.
According to different guardrail beam standards around the world combined with the different description methods of materials in each country, in international procurement, we usually describe the material of guardrail beams as S235JR and S355JR, which facilitates the communication between buyers and suppliers and ensures that The stability of product production quality.