How to prevent rust and corrosion of highway guardrail

After the corrosion of highway guardrail materials, taking into account the relatively dense expressway traffic, most of them choose the noon road closure management time to gradually carry out road construction and maintenance.
Specifically, it involves the maintenance and protection of guardrail plates on both sides of the highway, timely replacement of rust phenomena, and the size of the road guardrail. After a large area of ??rust occurs, specific treatment should be carried out according to the rusted area. Specific steps are as follows:
1. The rusty highway guardrail should also be cleaned up in time and recycled by sorting. Because it is a common high-speed soil retaining construction material, after professional recycling and degradation treatment, its application range is still wide.
Among them, the surface of the highway guardrail board galvanized, electroplating spray anti-corrosion coatings are mainly composed of oxide coatings. In the production process of highway guardrails, even a layer of anti-corrosion equipment is applied, which is more conducive to improving the anti-corrosion effect of highway guardrails.
2. Record the specific size of the corroded highway guardrail, and test the toughness of the concrete on the fence with a hammer. If a large area of ??paint falls or corrodes, the highway guardrail here will be severely corroded, and the fragility of the internal metal elements is imaginable.
The best way is to replace the old fence products in time. According to the specific highway construction area, choose a new guardrail for actual installation.
3. In order to solve the daily anti-corrosion problem of highway guardrail, regular maintenance is one of the essential links. The professional isolation of highway guardrail products adopts regular maintenance. Highway maintenance and construction personnel should pay more attention to the damage, welding or severe corrosion on both sides of the guardrail during the regular inspection of the highway.
If such problems occur, the highway management center should be notified in time so that professional maintenance personnel can be dispatched to clean up, replace, or perform other maintenance work.