Acceptance criteria for guardrail

1. The column should be accurately positioned according to the requirements of the design drawing and buried to the specified depth.
2. The corrugated guardrail board is a semi-rigid guardrail. Except for those whose buried depth cannot reach the specified depth, the concrete foundation can be used, and the fixing method of the column should not be changed at will.
3. The top of the column constructed by the driving method shall not be chipped or deformed.
4. The overlapping direction of the corrugated guardrail shall comply with the first paragraph of Article 5.3.4 of this code.
5. The line shape of the corrugated guardrail board after installation should be coordinated with the line shape of the road.
6. For guardrails installed on road sections with a horizontal curve radius less than 70m, the corrugated beams should be bent and formed in the factory. When the radius of curvature is greater than 70m, a straight wave beam can be used, but appropriate measures must be taken to adjust it.
7. Transverse beams and anti-blocking blocks should be in place accurately and coordinated in line.
8. The gradual change at the end of the corrugated guardrail shall be positioned according to the coordinates specified in the design. The end foundation is set accurately and meets the design requirements.
9. The minor damage caused by the anticorrosive layer of the corrugated guardrail member during the installation process should be repaired within 24h.
10. After installation, the wave guardrail board is generally 500m as an acceptance unit, and 10 guardrails can be selected for acceptance.