How to install the guardrail in the curved road area

The guardrail has both steel and soft phases. Its main function is to absorb collision energy, and it also has a better visual field induction function, and its appearance is more beautiful. Mainly used for expressways, primary and secondary roads, provincial roads, county roads and rural roads, scenic spots, large parking lots, etc. In most cases, the roads are straight, but it is inevitable to encounter curved roads, and guardrails are also required Board, how to install it now?
Guardrail installation
1. Guardrail products are generally straight, which is difficult to install in curved roads, but curved roads are inevitable in road construction, so how to install curved waveform guardrails? If your road curvature is not very large, you can use adjustment Board installation for adjustment and installation; generally the length of the adjustment board is 2 meters, 3 meters or one meter.
2. If your curvature is large, you can use mechanical pressure to install it, that is to say, you can first fix one end of the corrugated plate and then use the machine to mechanically bend the corrugated beam plate to the column position, and then install the bolt to fix the other end. Some users will tell the supplier in advance that there are several corners, and the supplier will customize several curved guardrail panels according to the curvature provided by the customer. If the curvature becomes right-angled, you can use the two-way end to install it, which is relatively simple (this This method is suitable for the installation of the guardrail at the opening.
3. The highway guardrail board is formed by automatic line extrusion, the surface is clean and undamaged, and the corrosion resistance is extremely strong; the surface treatment method is mature; the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging, sun resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc., the service life can reach in the outdoor environment 10-25 years.
4. The product structure is simple, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install, good anti-theft performance, less restricted by the actual terrain, strong adaptability to mountains, slopes, and multi-curved areas, moderate cost, suitable for large-scale use.