The process of installing the guardrail should be adjusted as a whole continuously

Surface treatment process of guardrail board: automatic electrostatic powder spraying (that is, plastic spraying) or painting. The raw materials used in the surface treatment of the outdoor anti-collision guardrail are waterproof materials. Made of anti-collision guardrail beautiful appearance, and not easy to rust
The following is the installation of guardrail plate attention
1. Installation, first install the bracket on the column, do not tighten the fixing bolts, and then use the connecting bolts to fix the bracket on the bracket, and connect the bracket plate and the splicing bolts between the bracket respectively to the other; If the splicing is reversed, even subtle collisions can lead to greater losses
2.Therefore, be careful when operating, if the galvanized layer is damaged, please use high zinc concentration within 24 hours to solve the problem, serious can be replaced with a new one
3, in the process of installing the guardrail is not to say that this piece of good, good, but to continue to carry out the overall adjustment. Guardrail plate