Simple maintenance after the highway guardrail is scratched

       Wave guardrails on highways often have scratches. When the scratched guardrails are not deformed, they are simply scratched. We don't need to replace the guardrails, we just need to perform anti-corrosion treatment. Because the scratched guardrail did not receive a serious impact, the protective effect was not reduced. So how do we deal with scratched guardrails?
      Generally, the anti-corrosion layer of the fence board after being cut is damaged, so we need to protect the anti-corrosion layer. At present, the simplest and most direct method is to brush with silver powder. This method is simple to operate, but the service life is relatively short under the corrosion of acid rain, generally 3-5 years.
      The simplest way to apply silver powder is to use other methods that are very complicated-hot-dip galvanizing. In this way, it is better to buy a new guardrail board directly, and the scratched guardrail board can be repaired.